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UK Culture

The United Kingdom contains two of the world’s most famous universities, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, and has produced many great scientists and engineer, playwrights like William Shakespeare and notable composers. The UK has been one of the two main contributors in the development of rock and roll, punk rock, etc. Many of the internationally enjoyed sports originated in the United Kingdom, including football, golf, cricket, squash, boxing, rugby, billiards. The Wimbledon Championships are an international tennis event held in Wimbledon in south London every summer and are seen as the most prestigious of the tennis calendar.

English is the primary language spoken in UK. Other indigenous languages are the Celtic languages: Welsh, the closely related Irish and Scots Gaelic, and the Cornish language, Lowland Scots; Romany and the British Sign Language.

Morris dancing is one of the more visible English folk traditions, with many differing regional variations.UK abounds with folklore in all forms as the traditional legends of King Arthur and historical Robin Hood tales.Gardening and visiting gardens are also a facet of the culture of England for many people. Religion:

The Church of England functions as the established church in England. Other churches which have started in England include the Methodist church, the Quakers and the Salvation Army.