New US Passport & First Time Passport Requirements San Diego CA
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New Passport or First Time Passport Information (age 16 and over)

  • If you are applying for a passport for the first time, OR
  • If your prior passport was issued at age 15 or under, OR
  • If your prior passport was issued more than 15 years ago, OR
  • If your expired passport is not in your possession

Time and cost

  • Expedite: 3 to 6 business days —————— Service charge :$525.00 plus Government fees.
  • Rush:  8 to 12 business days ——————— Service charge :$399.00 plus Government fees

The above does not include shipping costs.



  • Original birth certificate or naturalization certificate
  • 2-passport photos (2×2 with white background) not more than six months old. No glasses to be worn on the photo.
  • Completed Passport Application Form DS-11. This form must be completed online. Upon completion, there will be an option to “Create Form.” You must click on this icon, as it will generate a printable, PDF format document with a bar-code unique to your specific application. Without this document, we will be unable to process your passport application. (Signature on the DS-11, DS-64 form, and the authorization form must match the signature on the current passport.) (No front to back printing on the application form.)
  • For those who have lost a valid passport, you must also complete Lost Passport Form DS-64.
  • Total government fees are $205.00 for adults and $175.00 for minors under 14 years of age Please have the traveler write a check for $170 (for adults) and $140 (for minors), made payable to “U.S. Department of State.” The other $35 is for the passport acceptance center. We can make a money order on your behalf for a fee of $10.00 each.
  • 1 copy of letter of authorization. (Please call for letter of authorization and we will email it to you) – Please  make a duplicate copy of this form, and leave that copy outside the sealed envelope
  • Copied records of US departure date(s) – computer generated international flight itinerary from the airline or a travel agency or a copy of airline ticket. Travel must be within 14 business days.
  • Copy of driver’s license of the applicant. (In case of minor, copy of the driver’s license of both parents is required)
  • ETS Order Form – Click Here. (Please do not include this inside the sealed envelope)



  • Take items 1-8 from step 1 above to local acceptance center and ask them to endorse the documents and seal them in an envelope marked “TO BE OPENED BY PASSPORT OFFICE PERSONNEL ONLY“. Postal department charges $35.00 to verify and seal the documents in the envelope.
  • This sealed envelope must be presented to the passport office within 5 working days from execution.
  • MINORS must appear in person at the acceptance center. Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by BOTH PARENTS or legal guardian with acceptable proof of ID. If only one parent appears the other parent must sign and notarize a Statement of Consent Form DS-3053.
  • Take back the sealed envelope with you and do not leave them with the clerk .
  • Send sealed envelope to Express Travel Services for processing.

The service charge for Express Travel Services should be outside the sealed envelope. Please call for credit card payment.

FedEx charges apply.

Express Travel Services

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San Diego, CA 92121
Toll Free : 1-866-376-1125