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Please be aware that most fields in this application are required. Leaving any requested field empty may result in processing delays or denial of visa. If you have questions about any of the fields that aren't answered here then please contact one of our offices.

* indicates a required field

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India Visa Application

Personal Information

Please complete the required missing fields listed below in red.

  1. Full Name
    Your name should match exactly what is on your passport. If your passport displays your full middle name, please give us your full middle name with no initials.

  2. Last Name At Birth (If Different)
    Please tell us your last name when you were born if it has changed.
  3. Marital Status*
    If you are single, divorced or widowed please answer Unmarried. Only answer Married if you are currently married.

  4. Maiden Name (If Married)
    Please tell us your last name before you were married if it has changed. If it has not changed then please put N/A.
  5. Date of Birth:*
  6. Sex:*

  7. Place of Birth
    If you were not born in the USA, please choose "Non-US State" at the bottom of the list.

  8. Current Nationality
    If you are a dual national and have Indian citizenship then you must travel under that Passport and do not need a visa.
  9. Are you a permanent/long term resident in the United States?
    This question does not apply to United States citizens whether born here or naturalized. If you are a US Citizen, then the answer to this question is "No".

  10. Nationality at Birth*
    What was your nationality at birth?
  11. Any other nationality held at present/past:*
    If you have never held any other nationalities, answer "None".
  12. Present Address
    Where do you currently live? Because India Visas are jurisdictional we must have an address in the United States for your present address even if it's temporary. You must provide suitable "Proof of Residence" when you apply for the visa.

  13. Phone
    Please enter all phone formats as 10 digits, no dashes or spaces. Example: 2025551234

  14. Permanent Address
    If your permanent address is outside the USA then please select "Non-US State" from the bottom of the State list.


You will have an opportunity to review the entire application at the end of the process and make changes if necessary.

Please click here to leave suggestions, comments or to report a problem.

There is missing information on your application. Please complete all the required fields above